Monday, September 14, 2015

Leaky Tub = Bathroom Renovation

I know I said last post that I would be sharing an update on the covered porch, but in true "Jessica" fashion I'm switching gears and talking about our master bathroom remodel. (Hoping to have a covered porch update before the snow starts flying. :) )

So we're remodeling our master bathroom. Sort of.

This was a completely unanticipated project spurred by a jacuzzi tub leak that led to demolition of our bathroom floors in order to get rid of moisture and mold.  We always planned on painting and updating fixtures and replacing the "Nemo" accent tile (super cute for kiddos but no kiddos here yet), but that was really all. I'm not really a tub person, per se, but when we bought the house, the jacuzzi tub seemed more of an "oh that's nice to have" than a "what a money pit that is. Run!"  Boy was I wrong.  After two plumbers and dropping untold sums to fix a leak (THAT'S STILL NOT FIXED), not to mention the damage to our floors and downstairs ceilings I am singing a different tune.  Damn that jacuzzi tub!

Since we have a full bathroom downstairs, we're opting to take out the tub completely and replace it with a large tiled shower.  I don't think we're hurting ourselves for resale considering there's a tub downstairs and I think a lot of people find large showers to be more luxsurious anyways? Don't tell me if that's not the case...

I'm really bummed about those floors, though.  While they're pretty much one of the cheapest tiles you can pick out at Lowe's, they're still pretty with their vintage vibe.  Bye floors.

To save some money, we're keeping the existing vanity and countertop.  Is it what I would pick? No. Is it completely functional?  Yes.  We're definitely going to paint it white and I'm thinking of replacing the drawer fronts and cabinet doors with something more shaker style.  I'd like to update the faucets with something a little more "stylish" less "functional".  Sometimes style over function wins.

In other exciting news, we're getting a new commode and we'll be updating the lighting, mirror, and other fixtures.  Here's what we picked out for tile.

We're going with the 3x12 glass subway tile in "smoke" for the shower walls.  "Smoke" looks more green than gray in person and I think it really compliments the existing countertops.  The shower floor and shampoo cubbies will be tiled in white polished penny tile and we're using a 6" x 24" porcelain tile laid in an offset pattern on the bathroom floors.  

To be honest this wouldn't be the tile that I'd select if I was doing a bathroom 100% from scratch, but sometimes you have to work with what you have and this is the perfect exercise in doing so.    Can you feel the beachy, zen vibe we're going for?

After 1.5 days of demo, things are looking pretty bare bones.

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UPDATE: My awesome husband (who spent most of Sunday on a ladder demoing tile from the walls instead of on the couch watching Sunday Football) requested I add a picture of his hard work.  From his iPhone to this blog post, here you go honey! Hard work much appreciated.