Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Project Palooza (starting with a sunroom remodel)

We have a ton of sh*t going on over here. Like walk in our house and every room is a disaster kind of sh*t.  We're hosting a party in August and there's nothing like the prospect of having people over to wake you up to the fact that you have a whole lot to get done. Like yesterday.

Our house is a project house.  It's old with some "newer" touches, but it needs a lot of TLC.  And it's gonna take time to take it from its current lived in but lovable state to the beauty I imagine in my head.  And since hubby and I are doing a lot of the work ourselves, it's going to take A LOT of time.  Sigh.

In the present works we have a bathroom remodel (mostly cosmetic), "renewing" the grout on our kitchen floors (more on that in a later post), having a new garage door installed, turning our sunroom into a covered porch/entrance to the house, and two smaller projects I'm working on with Behr paint (more on that later too).  And to add a little excitement to our lives, tonight water started leaking through the downstairs bathroom ceiling from the upstairs bathroom. Awesome.

We're smart enough to know we can't do it all ourselves (or at least not faster than it will take us to pay off our 30 year mortgage), so we've decided to hire out a couple of projects.  The first being changing our sunroom to a covered porch.


Isn't she a beaut?  This is the natural entrance to our house (besides the front door, which no one ever uses).  But I hate when people come to this entrance since 1) don't even know they're there half the time, 2) I have to greet them through a mini-slider and welcome them into my green carpeted, unfurnished room thingy.  It's awkward at best.

See what I mean?  No mas!

So what's the plan stan?  We're taking out all of the sliders, windows, and walls and replacing them with deck rails.  The old stairs are going and a new set will be built and centered on the outside.  The ceiling is getting beadboarded, we're keeping the carpet (kidding...), new decking is going in, a couple new lights will be installed, a doorbell (yesss) and are you ready for this??  Mama's getting a dutch door in place of the one above.  Yippee!!  

I am so excited for my dutch door.  Yes, it's MY dutch door.  I will be working every day just beyond it in the mudroom/office and I can't wait to let the summer breeze in.  I'm guessing the dogs will like the "doggy door" aspect of it too.  

Oh, and I forgot to mention that we had to remove a beautiful but huge bush from the front of the sunroom to make room for our new stairs.  If you follow me on Instagram you've already seen this picture of Matt yanking it out of the ground with his Nissan Rogue.  Proud wife right here.