Thursday, May 21, 2015

An apology, a wedding, and a home office makeover

Hello there!  Somehow I managed to take an unplanned 8 month hiatus from this blog shortly after starting it...sorry 'bout that.

I do have one good excuse. In December, Matt asked me to marry him (!) and in April we sealed the deal. A quick 4 month engagement meant drop most home improvement projects and shift time (and money) to wedding planning.  After a week long honeymoon in Turks and Caicos, I'm back home both a couple shades darker and ready to go!

Image courtesy of Nadra Photography

We did manage to get a few projects done around the old house, but it's been slow going.  One of the projects I've been working on is my home office.  Our house technically has 4 bedrooms; two upstairs and two downstairs.  One of the downstairs bedrooms has an exterior door that goes out to a sunroom and then exits to the front of the house.  For that reason, I have a hard time calling it a bedroom and immediately began thinking of other uses for the space.

I work from home every day so a home office was the most natural idea to me.  We have plans to convert the sunroom to a "more welcoming" covered porch since most people's natural tendency is to use this entrance when they arrive.  I figured we could kill two birds with one stone and make the 4th bedroom a home office/mudroom combo.   

Here are some images of the space before we got to work on it.  The first two photos show the exterior door out to the sunroom (dutch door coming to replace it soon!):

And here are few other views of the room:

The space was pretty dark and drab and while functional enough, I did not go to my "happy place" working in here.

The first project we tackled was adding a board and batten wall to hang our coats.

There are a number of DIY tutorials out there and we used lots of those tips to complete this project. We made only a couple of errors measuring and cutting, but all in all it wasn't too hard.  Word of advice - hang the horizontal board first and make sure it's level then do the vertical pieces.  If your floors are a little (or a lot) wonky like ours are, each of the vertical pieces will end up being a different size.

Once we were done hanging all the boards, I caulked all of the joints using a paintable white caulk and then primed and painted (multiple coats) of white paint on both the boards and the wall.

I chose some oil-rubbed bronze coat hooks from Home Depot to finish it off.  

And that's it, folks.  We're done.


I then painted all the walls Brushed Aluminum by Benjamin Moore got a new desk.

Tune in tomorrow for those changes. 

It's sooo good to be back. :)


  1. Congratulations on your nuptials! You looked beautiful in your wedding day :) and welcome back, missed your posts!


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