Saturday, September 6, 2014

Half Walls Are My Jam

As with most older homes, our home does not have an open floor plan.  The first floor actually has a somewhat strange layout.  We have two bedrooms on the first floor (one we use as a home office), a full bathroom,  living room, kitchen/dining room, and sunroom.

Matt joked when we first moved in that he just wanted to "tear down a wall, any wall."  Problem is, there isn't an obvious wall to tear down.  

Enter compromise: a half wall.  

Changing a full wall to a half wall in the living room would allow us to keep the furniture layout unchanged,  but also create a more open and airy space which we were really lacking. Plus, I already knew how much a half wall could change a space because I did something similar at my old house (see here).

So we got to it and tore down the wall (well, we contracted someone to do it for us).  The wall is structural so we had to have a beam installed.

Here's a reminder of the living room and the wall I'm referring to (and also a sneak peek of some of the work we've done!):

When we moved in


Here's a view of the other side of the wall when you're standing in the kitchen:

From the bedrooms

And here's what it looks like with half the wall removed:


The job is being finished on Monday and then we'll finally be able to put the finishing touches on the living room and move along to the next project (and oh we have projects!)

If you follow on Facebook or Instagram, you may have seen that we've also been fixing up our deck this summer.  We are *so close* to being done so I'll have the finished photos and details  on the blog soon. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. It definitely opens up the space! You guys have done a lot!!

    1. Yea, it really makes a big difference. We have sightline from the kitchen to the TV which is great!


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